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The Salvington Culture: Planetary Cities of Light and Life

Salvington is a symbolism for the preservation and stimulation of moral sentiments and religious loyalties. It is an institution establishing the inspiring ideals which can be grasped by the peoples of the civilization; a perpetuating symbolism for fostering and gratifying the emotions of honor and dignity, righteousness and morality, eternal understandings and the everlasting principles of freedom.  Every appealing movement in social culture or religious advancement has developed a ritual, a symbolic ceremonial. At Salvington, we hold honorable the God ascent into light and life.
We offer students the opportunity to advance themselves as uniquely qualified personalities. The principles of Salvington and its educational tributaries foster a deep and conscious growth of the personality soul, the understandings to build a stronger knowledge of Selfhood and its uniquely held place in the universes.
Salvington continues to grip the hearts and minds of its students and devotees by preservin…

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