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Salvington University - Wisdom, Illumination, Ascendancy

University Of Salvington is the oldest and wealthiest educational institution in the Universe of Nebadon .. our Universal Home. University Of Salvington collegiate culture is built upon amplifying in you the eternal light of God, the devotion to expand your love of the Triune Source, and to prepare the individual for eternal life in the Kingdom of Universal Citizenship. Our Universe Father Son Michael is anchoring this vision into the global civilization at this time so that all who desire wholeheartedly to do the will of the Universal Spirit, and who are willing to grow and mature into this living personal relationship with the Infinite Persons of Paradise and their living endowments for humanity, may have the wholehearted opportunity to learn the way of the heavens, and to advance their universe career. The University Of Salvington is the first ever planetary extension of the University of Salvington which is headquartered upon the home world of the Universe Father Son M…

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