Michael's Instruction for his Apostles

Thine lesser urges, sensibilities, and inclinations of the material mind do demand immediately its reciprocal rights and privileges .. it competes and compares and convinces .. it is competitive rather than unconditionally loving and giving. It appears to give only to await what it hopes and intends to receive.It attempts always to negotiate .. as if all things are a business deal to be achieved .. it cannot understand that to become godlike requires no such deals to be made. This lesser mind of animal and mechanical means is split between the polarities of its thinkings .. attempting to gain its wholeness through manipulation and control .. seeking restoration for itself by ephemeral means and ways .. yet it turns away from all interactions where there are no deals .. no benefits to its own self to be taken.To become godlike and at one with the Universal Father .. is to enter into the Kingdom of Christ Wholeness and Integrity .. it means that no deals are possible .. negotiating and …

Mine Universal Children

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University Of Salvington
The Colleges of the Planetary Civilization
School of the Planetary Prince
Ascendancia College
Trinity Retreat
College Of Free Will Decision and Determination Desire A Salvington School of Mind Attainment and the Evolutionary Development of the Higher Urges and Impulses of Will
Eternalis College
Trinity Retreat
College Of God Intelligence and Divine Perception A Salvington School of the Eternalization of Mindal Attunement and the Spiritualization of Free Will in Advancing all Moral Decisions and Spiritual Choices toward Developing Individual Potentials, Planetary Progress, and Global Cultural Advancement
Supremacia College 
Trinity Retreat
College Of Unconditional Love and Immaculate Receptivity A Salvington School of the Universe Mother Spirit in the Enhancement of all Meanings, Values, Virtues, and the Ennoblement of Mind Soul Maturity and Recep…

Salvington Convocation Address with Christ Michael

Looking beyond your own experience is an important part of growth. And embracing change whilst you are amplifying the Changeless One is key .. even when that is challenging and when you are feeling threatened and destabilized by all these changes, yet this can be an integral part of your experience as you ascend inwards and upwards .. an essential approach to gaining the most from the Salvington experience. 
The more you learn and grow upwards in your stature .. the more you see in yourselves and others after removing the blindfolds of false expectations and self-importance and fallen idolizations which keep you pretending .. the more you awaken to Truth and Love and the great reordering of your life .. you will most certainly become aware of what needs changing in yourself and in all others .. Salvington is not perfect. The world is not perfect. Countries are not perfect. 
The global civilization is also imperfect. All is .. one day .. destined to arrive upon the plains of greater P…

Discurso de Convocatoria de Salvington con Cristo Micael

Mirar más allá de su propia experiencia es una parte importante del crecimiento. Y abrazar el cambio mientras amplificas al Inmutable es clave ... incluso cuando eso es desafiante y cuando te sientes amenazado y desestabilizado por todos estos cambios, sin embargo, esto puede ser una parte integral de tu experiencia a medida que asciendes hacia adentro y hacia arriba ... Un enfoque esencial para aprovechar al máximo la experiencia de Salvington. 
Cuanto más aprendas y crezcas hacia arriba en tu estatura ... más verás en ti mismo y en los demás después de quitarte las vendas de las falsas expectativas y la importancia personal y las idolatraciones caídas que te mantienen fingiendo ... más despiertas a la Verdad, el Amor y la gran reordenamiento de su vida ... seguramente se dará cuenta de lo que necesita cambiar en usted y en todos los demás ... Salvington no es perfecto. El mundo no es perfecto. Los países no son perfectos. La civilización global también es imperfecta. Todo está ... …

Christ Michael's Salvington Address

Triune Epochal Religious Spirituality to enter into the New and Ascendant Order of Humanity
My 21st Century Bestowal Mission to the Earth holds the Trinity Objective, Impulse, and Intention, as well as the Sevenfold Epochal Revelation for Life.
I am come to enhance all vestments and values and meanings and humanly qualified interpretations so that individuals may live the virtuous life, to ennoble all inherent drives and purposes, impulses and motivations, inclinations and tendencies, to eternalize all receptively qualified minds, hearts, and personalities into the divine destiny and eternal fulfillment.
Initiating the Advent of Ascendancy for the Planetary Kingdoms over the next three thousand year advent.
To Give My Universe Sovereign Proclamation of the Ennoblement of Human Life and Destiny
Beginning the Ever-Advancing Illumination of the Originating Avenues of Creature Ascent into Cosmic Citizenship and Universal Service.
To demonstrate with you the true religious life as a found…

La Gazeta Upon the Sea of Glass

John the Revelator tuvo una visión de la llegada de una clase de mortales que avanzaban desde el séptimo mundo de las mansiones a su primer cielo, las glorias de Jerusem.

Grabó: "Y vi como un mar de vidrio mezclado con fuego; y aquellos que habían obtenido la victoria sobre la bestia que originalmente estaba en ellos y sobre la imagen que persistió a través de los mundos de estancia y finalmente sobre la última marca y rastro, de pie en el mar de cristal, con las arpas de Dios, y cantando la canción de la liberación del miedo mortal y la muerte ".
Esa bestia es simplemente una forma de imaginar en las mentes que en esta ascendencia progresiva de la persona, los individuos habrán limpiado de su campo de vibración animal, mecánico y centrado materialmente, todo rastro de rebeldía e imprudencia ... todos los males y actitudes erróneas deberán ser acelerados como si nunca hubieran existido ... y cada uno que avance a través de estas traslaciones destinadas descubrirá una existen…

Salvington University - Wisdom, Illumination, Ascendancy

University Of Salvington is the oldest and wealthiest educational institution in the Universe of Nebadon .. our Universal Home. University Of Salvington collegiate culture is built upon amplifying in you the eternal light of God, the devotion to expand your love of the Triune Source, and to prepare the individual for eternal life in the Kingdom of Universal Citizenship. Our Universe Father Son Michael is anchoring this vision into the global civilization at this time so that all who desire wholeheartedly to do the will of the Universal Spirit, and who are willing to grow and mature into this living personal relationship with the Infinite Persons of Paradise and their living endowments for humanity, may have the wholehearted opportunity to learn the way of the heavens, and to advance their universe career. The University Of Salvington is the first ever planetary extension of the University of Salvington which is headquartered upon the home world of the Universe Father Son M…