Be Thou Ever Beholding to Reality

Good Day thou Emerging Christs of the Universe...

Be thou ever about the business of the Universal Absoluteness.

Carry thine attentions into this holy communion, and allow I and the Father .. Son .. Spirit .. to come alive for thee.

You are each Mine Body and Blood. Ever do I walk with you through all thine misfortunes and misqualifications .. thine conquests for knowing the God of thine hearts, and becoming impressed with his Glory by becoming alike unto the Nameless Infinity of the Father's Life.

I say this unto thee, not everyone will be able to pass through even the very first doorway of greater Life.

Only those personality souls who yield within themselves a deep and mature, sincere and full desire to surrender all and sacrifice all to find  God and enter His Kingdom therein.

The doing and living of His Will is of primary and essential importance.

Thine ability to alter the lifestyle ye have been enmeshed within, and to raise thine self into the eternal embrace for all time can only be accomplished with full determination, consecration, and cooperation in love and agility.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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